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Blog Caribbean 5.0

Blog Caribbean 5.0

Hope for Corporate Governance in Curacao

Posted on December 7, 2012 at 1:30 PM

The current Good (Corporate) Governance crisis in Curaçao, may become a blessing.  Why?  Because it will show once and for all that governance is a serious business and must be left to good people.  Good people are kwowledgeable and ethical professionals.  The best person I ever knew was my grandmother, but a would not put her on the board.  Because she did not had any training on that matter. The current crisis is caused by bad people: people with no ethics and no proper training. To improve governance is the future, current and future members of the supervisory board must  be continiously trained. Not only in technical matters but also ethical matters.  It is time for professionals to show some pride again in doing a good job.  It is a good thing that the government is firing these bad board members.  It is a clear messege. It is a good sign to foreign investors that we are taking matters seriously.

So the next practical move in governance of Curaçao is to start appointing good people.  The selection should not be based on their political aviliation but on their competences.  In this context the appointments of the ministers of the Goverment headed by Mr. Betrian was a good move.  The appointments of the next interim Government should be on the same basis.  It is time for Curaçao to appoint good people.  Too many good people are excluded.  A society can not get to the next level (3.0) if it does not make optimal use of it talents.

Some state that the law must be fully applied in the recent cases of bad governance.  I am affraid that they are right.  Because some people will never learn unless they are punished.  Let us hope that we all learn a valuable leason from this current crisis.

If you need a coach Corporate Governance issues, you can always call me.

Categories: Caribbean Society 3.0, Corporate Governance

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