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Blog Caribbean 5.0

Blog Caribbean 5.0

The management meeting

Posted on December 11, 2012 at 3:50 PM

I recently found out that in many organization the meetings are not held and if they are held they are ineffective. In Curacao is usually at Wednesday. Probably also on Monday. In government it is on Wednesday because at that same time the Board of Ministers meet and Minister are less likely to call the departments.


How can you increase the effectiveness of your meeting:

  • Prepare the meeting.  Send out the agenda in time.  Also the relevant documents.
  • Make it an one hour meeting.
  • Start on time. Close the door once you start. Whoever is late you will deal with him later.
  • Put off all communication equipment for one hour.



The purpose of the meeting is to take decisions.


You take decision by going through the following steps:

  • Identify the issue
  • Generate alternative solutions
  • Evaluate alternatives
  • What are the pro andcons of each alternative
  • Chose an alternative
  • Make someone responsiblefor the execution
  • Write down the decision.
  • Move on to the next agenda point


Avoid going back to a step that was already taken.


But you start the meeting by checking the status of the execution of the decisions already taken.  Only check if something is done or not done.  Do not discuss the status.  If it is important put it on the agenda, preferably for the next meeting.  Deal with does who did not comply outside of the meeting.  This is more effective.


Another part of the meeting is about checking the key performance indicator.  What was the target and what is the actual result?  What is the cause and what measures do you we take to correct.


After an hour the meeting ends automatically.  The if not all the agenda items were covered, the preparation was poor or the meeting was not managed appropriately. Do beter the next week.

It might take some practice and coaching before you get the hang of it.  We can train you.

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Categories: Caribbean Society 3.0, Corporate Governance, Strategic Management

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