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Lecture / workshop "What can Curacao learn from Singapore?", 12 Mei 2015

Singapore is celebrating 50 years of independence. They developed from a third world country to a first world country in less than a generation. How did they do it? What can Curacao learn?

Citizens of Curacao that visited the island will share their experience with you.

Tuesday, 12 May 2015

From 19:30 till 21:30

In the auditorium of the Public Library

Who should attend? Everybody who is interested in Curacao

Entrance is free

People involved:

John Henry Rigaud

Fa Thijsen

Farienne Alexander

Elson Sint Jago

Hans-Peter Schmiidt

Peter Sliep

Paul Heinen

Delicia Sliep

Runy Calmera

Ivan Kuster